LumiQuest STR Kit - Grid, Flash Extender, and Gels

LumiQuest STR Kit - Grid, Flash Extender, and Gels

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Description: The LumiQuest STR flash accessory kit is the newest addition to our line. It comes with multiple accessories enabling you to create a wide variety of shots with one convenient, portable kit!

  • Our Fresnel Lens extends the range of your flash, great for wildlife and sports photography.

  • Our Speedlight Grid provides even light coverage and eliminates unwanted light spill to adjacent areas.

  • Our wide variety of Gels balance and colorize your light, we include eight Rosco gels: CTO, 1/2 CTO,  1/4 CTO, Plus Green, 1/2 Plus Green, Sky Blue, Canary Yellow, and Fire Red.

  • Try our GoBo’s which cast different patterns of light onto your subject. We include 4 preprinted GoBo’s and also 2 clear GoBo’s with a dry erase marker so you can create and recreate your own GoBo’s.

Application: Modify the light in a variety of ways... colorize, concentrate, create infinitely variable patterns.  The ultimate flash accessory kit.

Colors: Currently available in Black. Available soon in Camouflage and Cantina Cocoa Leather.

Approximate Light Loss: Variable depending on which components you are using.

Dimensions: Folds flat to 9" x 10"

Model #: LQ-150

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