LumiQuest® flash accessories fit and function properly on a wide variety of flash units.

Here are some generalities: 

  • Virtually any rectangular flash head which can be rotated 90° to point at the ceiling will work with LumiQuest® accessories.
  • Flash units in the direct flash position can be used with the LumiQuest® SoftBoxes or Snoot XTR but not the bounce devices.
  • Automatic operation will not be affected and no compensation is necessary when using LumiQuest® accessories* as long as the sensor on the flash is not blocked.
  • All LumiQuest® devices* can be used with TTL automatic modes since the light reading is taking place at the film plane.
  • LumiQuest® accessories can be used in manual modes with exposure compensation as recommended in literature on that accessory.
  • Please note that in some instances, LumiQuest® SoftBoxes do not interfere with exposure sensors but MAY interfere with the auto focus assist beam under low light conditions.* The Snoot XTR's narrow angle of coverage (7° - 10°) does not allow for automatic exposure systems to operate properly. The photographer must test, bracket and/or meter to assure proper exposure.