LumiQuest SoftBox III with UltraStrap

LumiQuest SoftBox III with UltraStrap

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Direct Flash SoftBox III

Warranty: Unconditionally Guaranteed Since 1987

Description: The SoftBox III is roughly twice the size of our original SoftBox, approximately 20 times the size of the flash head itself, thereby producing considerably softer shadows. Like the original SoftBox (LQ-107), the SoftBox III is center weighted. Included is the UltraStrap, most secure non adhesive mounting strap in the industry.

Application: To produce the softest possible shadows from a SoftBox capable of on-camera use.

Compatibility: Unless otherwise noted, all LumiQuest accessories fit most standard bounce flashes. If in doubt, email us.

Note: The unit is large enough to block autofocus assist and interfere with auto exposure UNLESS you are using TTL metering.

Attachments: UltraStrap Included

Approximate Light Loss: 1 1⁄4 stops

Dimensions: Folds flat to 8” x 9”

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