In The Photographer’s Mind, On Location with LumiQuest

My name is Michael Alvarez and I have been in the photography industry for a long time. This is my thought process while on location, which I try to keep pretty simple. First, let me set up the real-life session that I did recently using a SoftBox 3 and a QuikBounce from LumiQuest. I was looking to do some fun photography with a mom and her daughter while in our local park.  Lucky enough, I had a voice activated commander which I used on my off-camera flash on which I had the LumiQuest SoftBox 3 attached.  Using my 50mm lens on a Nikon D3 I decided to tell the mom and daughter just to have fun and be themselves. Well, that can be hard when you have a camera pointed in your direction.  At first it was a little strange for the little girl to focus on just her mom but after 10 minutes of taking some candid photos, it started to work out well. I programmed my off-camera flash voice activated commander to provide some key light off the subject.  About 4 feet away from the subject, I was using my SB-700 as the master flash with a QuikBounce. The nice thing about the QuikBounce is that I can photograph either horizontal or vertical and I don’t have to worry about shadows.

The cool thing about this session is that it’s all TTL as the sun is going down.  Allowing to me think less while using the off-camera flash to light up the background.  While giving a little separation and a three-dimensional look. It was also nice to be about to photograph the little girl while she was in the bushes and having the SoftBox 3 light her from the top while I’m using the Quick Bounce to give it that natural look.

Pretty amazing how these two products from LumiQuest, which I carry in my bag all the time, are just that simple to use. 

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