Why Choose LumiQuest

Why LumiQuest?

As LumiQuest celebrates over 30 years of creating the best flash modifiers in the market, we reflect upon why we have been so successful in what appears to be a very competitive market.  The explanation is actually very simple…we offer products that work.  Our products don’t perform miracles nor do we claim that they do.  They improve the quality of light in very predictable ways, consistent with the basic laws of physics.

Over the years a number of light modifiers have reached the market place.  If they were designed consistent with the laws of physics, they generally worked pretty well.

There has been increasing interest in modifiers that bend to essentially an infinite number of positions. While this may seem advantageous, it is actually very problematic. Even a slight variation in the angle of a bounce surface can send the light in unpredictable directions, often missing the subject entirely.

Controlling the light is critical in photography … there is no room for haphazard. How Light Modifiers Work…