Pick the best Flash diffusers for your photography needs

Softboxes and Flash Diffusers that are easy to use, carry, and ultra lightweight

How Light Modifiers Work


Love that this goes flat so I can bring it anywhere. Lighter than any softbox I've ever seen! (SoftBox III)

Florian D.

I love this kit, the gels are easy to change and the light is nice and soft. Highly recommend! (Strobist Kit)

Jeff G.

Been using them for 5 years. Nothing else quite like them. (About LumiQuest Flash Diffusers)

Lee C.

What is a flash diffuser?

Flash diffusers are devices that filter light from the source to better distribute over an area and create a softer image.  

When you take a light and add a softbox, you are making the light a larger source and generating softer edges since the light will now wrap around the subject.  The material on the front of the softbox is the diffusion material, and causes the light to distribute more evenly.  Umbrellas are also flash diffusers that work the same way, but tend to blow over very easily when used outside.

The best flash diffusers will distribute very evenly and deal with the "hot spot" that a traditional strobe creates towards the middle.  This is why all LumiQuest softboxes have an additional thicker patch in the center.