Flash Accessory Reviews

David Hobby (Strobist): “LumiQuest is proud of their new Ultra Straps, and wants to put one of the stretchy, grippy mod mounts in every bag. Oh, and if you have not tried one of these yet, you are gonna like it.”

Photo-Tips-OnLine: The LumiQuest ProMax System received our best flash diffuser rating (8.89); it’s very well designed and built.”

Joe Farace: “The LumiQuest FXtra is a compact gel holder that comes with 8 gels and accommodates the Strobist collection.  Most importantly, any LumiQuest accessory can be attached while the FXtra is in place.”

Australian Photography Magazine: “The most innovative set of flash accessories to arrive on the market is the LumiQuest range of bouncers and diffusers.  They are remarkably compact, fit almost any portable flashgun – thanks to a few strips of VELCRO ® Brand – and make studio-quality lighting possible in the field.”

Joe McNally: “The LumiQuest Ultra Strap is the most secure way of attaching a light shaper to a small flash I’ve come across … it really works …”

Camera & Darkroom Magazine: “LumiQuest’s modifiers meet my qualifications for a useful electronic flash unit accessory.  They’re compact, hassle-free, durable and best of all, inexpensive.”

Outdoor Photographer: “Less cumbersome for quick set-ups is the LumiQuest system, a brilliantly simple little package that turns your strobe into a diffused reflector or mini-light bank.”

Shutterbug Magazine: “Add a LumiQuest ProMax bounce reflector with the gold insert and the translucent diffuser and you achieve both warmer colors and a much more flattering light.  This is one of the ways I have used the ProMax with fill flash for many successful photographs and it is an effect I like very much.  I was very pleased with the softening of the light produced by this larger ProMax SoftBox.   The photos speak for themselves, so I will let them.”

Tampa Bay Magazine: “LumiQuest has created an entire line of devices that help to diffuse, distribute and redirect your flash unit light so as to greatly improve your photos.  We don’t know of a professional who doesn’t use one of their products.”

Photo Life Magazine: “LumiQuest flash accessories – light modifiers designed to soften the harshness of direct flash – are acquiring a loyal following among working photographers especially photo-journalists and knowledgeable amateurs.”

Joe McNally:  “A word about the LumiQuest LTP–it rocks. I’ve been using it a lot, and it pumps out a cool, punchy but soft quality of light.”

Shutterbug Magazine: “LumiQuest, a firm noted for a wide variety of flash modifiers that easily are adapted to fit most any brand of hot shoe or handle mount electronic flash, offer what I consider to be their most useful item, a small SoftBox.  For making better flash pictures, with less effort on your part, the LumiQuest SoftBox should be a necessary accessory.”

Popular Photography Magazine: “Harsh shadows caused by on-camera flash really bother me, but the LumiQuest UltraSoft does a great job of getting rid of them.  It acts as a bouncer and diffuser and really softens the shadows.”

Shutterbug Magazine: “Hats off to LumiQuest for producing accessories for portable flash units.  A photographer can now adjust his lighting look to suit his and/or his client’s taste.  He or she can use one or all of these accessories to create many different looks.  One can only wonder what they’ll come up with next!”

Travel & Leisure Magazine: The LumiQuest Pocket bouncer is an ingenious device for bouncing flash when you don’t have a wall or ceiling.  The LumiQuest Big Bounce folds up to about 8 by 11 inches.  Its light is almost as soft as the umbrella-bounced flash professional photographers use.”