How To Choose

Choosing the Best Flash Modifier for Your Photography

For over 30 years LumiQuest has been refining the materials and design of our products to exacting photographic application and specifications.  We have also developed the UltraStrap, the most secure non-adhesive mounting strap in the world. Each LumiQuest accessory is designed to accomplish different objectives under different circumstances. Several models can be used to photograph very different subjects that have similar light requirements. Usually one product would be preferable under certain circumstances ... but sometimes not dramatically. And finally, some products would be a bad choice, useless or worse under some circumstances and absolutely perfect for others. Our tutorial videos can provide more in depth information, but here's a good way to begin the selection process depending on the type of photography you are evolved in.

    Weddings, Events and PR (click here for ideal kit)

    1. Our QuikBounce is ideal for this type of photography. It enables you to convert from vertical to horizontal and from ceiling bounce to no ceiling available without taking your eye off the subject and missing the important shot.
    2. SoftBox III if you have a laptop pocket in your bag, would be a good choice for the ring shot, cake cutting, that sort of thing.
    3. The Fxtra enables you to convert your daylight flash to tungsten or fluorescent as well as colorize the light for special effects.


    1. The SoftBox III is approximately 20 times the size of the flash itself creating considerable softer shadows, yet it folds flat to 8” x 9”.
    2. The Snoot XTR isolates the light to approx. 5 degrees or less making it great for hair or accent light.  It is the only telescoping snoot available and its incremental markings enable consistent results.

    I want to keep it as simple as possible

    1. Our original Pocket Bouncer remains the most popular bounce device in history. It installs and removes in seconds and folds flat for storage.
    2. Next, the original SoftBox or Mini SoftBox. Neither interferes with the automatic features on the flash and both fold flat for storage.

    Nature Close-ups

    1. For the softest shadows, go with the largest device that you will actually carry with you. Our  SoftBox III is the most popular with nature photographers.
    2. For those using a twin flash set up, two of our Mini SoftBoxes work great.

    Shooting in houses / offices

    1. Low neutral ceilings are great to bounce off especially those suspended ceilings often found in offices. Our Quik Bounce is perfect for this application..... 80% of the light bounces of the ceiling and 20% fills the shadows cast by the ceiling bounce.
    2. If there are no low, neutral ceilings, a SoftBox III would be a great choice

    I Love special effects and playing with colors and dramatic lighting (click here for ideal kit)

    1. The Strobist Kit is a great place to start.  It includes the SoftBox III to soften shadows and the 9 piece Fxtra Gel set.  The Fxtra has the advantage of being sized for both Roscoe and Lee sample packs.  In addition, you can attach any LumiQuest accessory on top of it.
    2. You can create some great dramatic lighting with the Snoot XTR. Many photographers feel that what you don't light is as important as what you do light and the Snoot lets you control that. Combining the Snoot XTR with the FXtra is a lot of fun!

    I need something for my Pop-up Flash 

    There’s really only one option here, the Soft Screen. It enlarges and softens the light for what is probably the worst source of lights in photography

    I want a light modifier that doesn't attach with adhesive Velcro

    Problem solved!!! Our new Ultra Strap attaches with nonslip neoprene that applies a constant three pounds of pressure on the flash ... secure with no adhesives. This covers most of the questions about applications. Don't hesitate to direct any additional questions to our customer service on our website. Or, if you prefer, call us at 830-438-4646.