Our Story

How LumiQuest began

In 1987, Quest Couch and Heidi Kenny were operating Quest Productions, a company specializing in high-end corporate multimedia. The still photography required for this type of work necessitated fast setups on location, under a variety of circumstances.  These demands led to the development of the LumiQuest line of flash accessories.

From our very first designs, the emphasis was on simple light modifiers that worked rather than gimmicks that would sell. This mission has led to over 25 different devices designed to solve real lighting problems in the field.

All our light modifiers serve specific purposes by combining the photographers’ needs with the basic laws of physics to create simple, effective accessories that work.  We continue to listen to photographers’ problems and share their vision … to help them create images that are beyond their wildest dreams.

How the Products Work

A photographic flash is a small, intense source of light that produces very harsh shadows. In addition, it is often coming from an unnatural source on or very near the camera. The quality of this light has been a concern to photographers since the introduction of flash. The process of softening the shadows is both simple and consistent with the basic laws of physics.

Unquestionably, the most significant factor in determining shadow quality is the size of the light source. If the photographer can enlarge the light source and have it coming from a more natural direction, it will be a significant improvement over direct flash. All our bounce and diffusion devices enlarge the light source and, at least to some degree, move it farther from the camera.

Our unique designs give our accessories two distinct personalities…they fold flat for storage and attach to your flash in a rigid three-dimensional position to predictably modify and control the light.

LumiQuest accessories can be attached to your flash with our UltraStrap, the most secure non-adhesive flash mounting strap available, or use the self-adhesive Velcro® that is included with every product.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We have an ongoing program that focuses on improving existing products to offer our customers the very best value possible.  If for any reason, you feel that the LumiQuest product you purchased did not live up to your expectation, you can return it to us for replacement or refund.

LumiQuest and the Future

We are working on new products and will continue to offer the most effective and comprehensive line of photographic flash accessories in the world. Our bounce and diffusion devices serve to improve flash photography for millions of professionals and serious amateurs.