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Attaching LumiQuest

Do I have to stick VELCRO ® Brand on my flash?

No you don’t . . .

Over the years it has become apparent to us that some photographers are concerned about/reluctant to use self adhesive VELCRO® Brand on their flash units. As a result we added the UltraStrap, the strongest product of it's kind on the market. UltraStrap's unique patent-pending design features loops that stretch and apply even pressure to hold it firmly in place on the flash head. Allowing all your VELCRO® accesories to attach to your flash head while still retaining the same strength as VELCRO® adhesive.

So, when you are ready to remove the UltraStrap, it leaves no adhesive residue on the flash.



LumiQuest accessories modify and improve the quality of light in a variety of different ways under a variety of different circumstances.  The basic attachment to your flash is the same for each modifier; but, operation and function varies considerably.  All of our devices have two distinct personalities: folded flat in your bag and the three dimensional, consistent, predictable, rigid position when attached to the flash. LumiQuest accessories are mounted to your flash as indicated below.  Individual products include self-adhesive Velcro®.  All Kits include at least one UltraStrap.  Stretch the strap to it’s full length before wrapping it around your flash for secure non-adhesive attachment to your flash.
Attaching LumiQuest UltraStrap UltraStrap Attached to Flash
Flash with self-adhesive Velcro®
Installing UltraStrap
 Installed UltraStrap
Generally, our bounce devices are attached at a 45° angle to the lens of the flash and the softboxes are attached with the diffusion material in the same plane as the lens of the flash.
LumiQuest Softbox LumiQuest Pocket Bouncer LumiQuest UltraSoft on strobe
 Mini SoftBox
Pocket Bouncer
All of our SoftBoxes attach to the four sides of the flash as indicated below.  The only slight variation is in the case of the original SoftBox (LQ-107).  It has two tabs on the bottom of the flash to form the “V” to avoid blocking the sensors on the flash.
Attaching LumiQuest SoftBox 3 LumiQuest SoftBox III Bottom of LumiQuest SoftBox
Beginning to Install SoftBox III
 Attaching last tab of SoftBox III
Underside of original SoftBox
The SoftBox IIISoftBox LTp and the Quik Bounce include a 6” Velcro® strap to be attached to three tabs for a more secure attachment.
LumiQuest Quik Bounce LumiQuest LTp with Strap
SoftBox III with strap
Quik Bounce with strap
SoftBox LTp with strap

While most of our light modifiers have one “installed” position and operate very intuitively, several require further explanation.

The FX is a gel holder and includes a selection of “theatrical” gels.  You are also free to use any other gels in the holder. The FXtra includes 8 popular theatrical and color correction gels. It is sized for Rosco and Lee sample packs as well as the Strobist Kit. The Snoot XTR isolates the light to approximately 10° and can telescope to approximately 5° with the included XTR tube.
LumiQuest FX LumiQuest Snoot XTR LumiQuest FXtra speedlight modifier and gels
Snoot XTR
Two of our accessories allow for simultaneous ceiling bounce and fill: The ProMax System: The 80-20 allows for 80% of the light to pass through and bounce off the ceiling with 20% bounced forward for fill light.  Gold, Silver and White inserts bounce 100% of the light forward when a low neutral ceiling is not available.  A frosted diffusion screen is included for close-ups.
LumiQuest ProMax System
Attaching LumiQuest insert
LumiQuest 80-20
ProMax System
Installing insert
The Quik Bounce: The LumiQuest Quik Bounce is designed for event, wedding and other fast moving photographic situations.  The Quik Bounce transitions easily from 100% bounce to 80% ceiling bounce with 20% fill by simply opening or closing the built in doors as circumstances change.  In addition, the Quik Bounce transitions instantly from horizontal to vertical with most tilt swivel flashes.
LumiQuest Quik Bounce Open Horizontal LumiQuest Quik Bounce Closed Vertical
LumiQuest Quik Bounce Open Vertical
Open Horizontal
Closed Vertical
Open Vertical

We suggest that you take a look at our tutorial videos for more information on using the model you have selected.