Micheal Alvarez on location with LumiQuest

Alvarez Photography Studio
On Location with LumiQuest
Cover Images for BVM Magazine

   It’s quite an amazing accomplishment to be invited to the esteemed Morgan Car club in Visalia California. Let alone having the opportunity to photograph a couple for Neighbors of Visalia magazine. I was given the opportunity to photograph a few Morgan classic cars from all over the states.

   Before I began my session with Mr. and Mrs. Logan, I took a short walk to size up the area in which I would be working. As I am conducting a swift scene size up I realize that there is not enough room to put any of my lights, stands or battery packs for the professional flash system I use. I realize that the only way to photograph this couple is by way of speed lights while using the LumiQuest Quick Bounce and the classic Big Bounce. It’s truly amazing how these two products work so well together. Unfortunately, as of right now the Big Bounce is no longer on their product list but can be supplemented by the LumiQuest UltraSoft. Which would give you the same amount of lighting as well as it being softer for your subject. I try to think ahead as much as possible while in scenarios like this. A tripod is a must while using my SB-700 as master with the LumiQuest QuikBounce and to camera left on a small stand is another SB-700 set to slave with the Big Bounce on it. I want a narrow field of view so I’m using my 50mm 1.4 set at F8.0 and with my shutter at 1/100 and ISO 200 the only thing I had to do was dial in my flash and white balance. Well like I said I had a very short time to do so I trust my Auto White balance and dial down my CLS off camera flash to -1.0 for the lady’s hair and shoulder while keeping my master at TTL and letting it blend in very nicely. With very little editing my photos came out looking fantastic, thanks to the LumiQuest products.

   Whether you are a professional or amateur, LumiQuest products are what you need in your bag. They are quick and easy to put on your flash. When you are done with your assignment or just playing around it fits well into my bag.

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