Using the Award Winning LumiQuest LASTAND


When you get permission to walk into a Vintage Mall and Antique Store you must wonder how you will photograph your subject when the space you have is very limited. You can’t bring in big lights with stands, but you can bring in the LumiQuest LASTAND, a Professional Photographer Hot One for 2018. The LASTAND is a game changing photographic tool that serves as a light stand, tripod and monopod. It features the EXCLUSIVE LumiQuest Quick-Connect (patent pending) that accepts a camera, flash or LED light.  This unique Quick-Connect has an octagonal self-aligning base and a built-in umbrella receiver. The LASTAND includes a 32" convertible umbrella, a convenient handheld grip and a case that doubles as a ballast holder. It extends from 7” to 7’ and collapses to 22” for travel. This may well be the LASTAND you will ever need.

The LASTAND enabled me to work in less than ideal conditions. The shoot through umbrella worked just like a large SoftBox, creating amazing light (see image).  Another great feature is that if you don’t want to use the umbrella you can also use any other great product that LumiQuest has such as the SoftBox 3 or even the StripBox LTP, great lighting control from either of these products! Use one or both as side lighting for a crisp look from the side profile.

If you’re a new photographer and trying to get your bag as light as possible or seasoned professional that likes to shoot on the go without missing a beat, then this is the gear that you need.

All images are taken by Michael Alvarez using a Nikon D3 with a 50mm 1.4 lens and using SB-700 light while photographing his model Alyssa Moreno.

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