LumiQuest UltraBounce

LumiQuest UltraBounce

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Warranty: Unconditionally Guaranteed Since 1987

Description: The UltraBounce distributes the light over approximately 180° so that it can bounce off walls and ceilings to evenly illuminate a scene. The opaque sensor screen keeps the light from affecting the automatic sensor on most flash units.

Application: These accessories are light distribution devices. By spreading the light over 180°, it can be bounced back into the frame by nearby walls and ceilings. The device is also useful when using large softboxes and umbrellas to spread the light over a wider area.

Compatibility: Unless otherwise noted, all LumiQuest accessories fit most standard bounce flashes. If in doubt, email us. Note: Accessories such as our UltraBounce are not shadow softening devices, since they are not materially larger than the flash itself.

Attachment: Ships with our industry leading UltraStrap.

Approximate Light Loss: Variable depending on ceiling/wall distances.

Dimensions: Folds flat to 2 1/4" x 3 1/4".

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