Experiment, Practice, Learn, Apply, Succeed.

Not just a tool for the student—a tool for the teacher.

  • It’s simple. Light always performs in the same manner. Once students learn that, they can begin to build the arsenal of tools they will need to accomplish their aims.
  • LumiQuest uses the laws of physics to design products that solve real lighting problems for real photographers.
  • For a fraction of the cost of large lighting systems, the student can experiment with the principles of lighting, knowing that they apply, regardless of the light source.
  • We have the most comprehensive line of light modifiers available today, so students can learn how to select the right tool for the job.
  • We have over 20 videos that explain not only how to use them but why, with no hype, no mysterious promises to “bend” or “wrap” light, just the basics.


The Educator Purchase Program Application is available below, please fill this out and e-mail it to us at Call 830-438-4646 with any questions.

Photography School Purchase Program