LumiQuest Mini Kit

LumiQuest Mini Kit

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Warranty: Unconditionally Guaranteed Since 1987

Description: Small compact Kit that is perfect for the photographer who uses their pop-up flash and also needs a small softbox for their shoe mounted flash.

  • Mini SoftBox ... used to diffuse the light with the flash in the direct flash position and enlarges the light source 4-5 times the flash head itself, unobtrusive and low profile, it is ideal for press and other fast moving situations.
  • Soft Screenwhich is a camera mounted flash diffuser that softens the harsh light emitted from digital SLR pop-up flashes, it installs into the hot shoe.
  • UltraStrap …the most secure, non-adhesive flash attachment mounting strap available.

Attachment: UltraStrap Included

This Kit Includes: