LumiQuest Strobist® Softbox Kit

LumiQuest Strobist® Softbox Kit

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Description: The Strobist® Softbox Lighting Kit includes some of the most popular "go-to" light modifiers of David Hobby, aka "The Strobist"; the SoftBox III, the FXtra, a nine piece colored gel kit and two UltraStraps, the most secure non adhesive mounting strap in the industry, all in a convenient storage wallet.
Application and Compatibility: This softbox kit is a great starting point to help you develop the skills needed to explore an array of flash techniques. The SoftBox III is roughly 20 times the size of the flash itself for softer shadows, and the FXtra a 9 piece colored gel kit including those for balancing your flash for tungsten and fluorescent light. In addition, to attach your accessories to your flash, we've included two UltraStraps which apply a constant 3 lbs. of pressure to the flash for a secure fit. Unless otherwise noted, all LumiQuest accessories fit most standard bounce flashes. If in doubt, email us.
Attachment: UltraStraps Included

This Kit comes with:

David Hobby

Photo by the Strobist®, David Hobby

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